Testimonies jpalomaresramos March 4, 2024
See what friends and alumni of Rejoice – Emmanuel School of Mission
have to say about our program.

Maria, Rejoice -ESM Alumni (Germany)

I decided to do Rejoice to build my relationship with God. During this year, the compassion mission was a special experience for me. For ten days, I joined the sisters of Charity in Chemnitz. I supported the sisters in their daily ministry in helping to serve the poor. At first, I was moved to see a warm meal given to each person, but then I discovered the beauty of an encounter which takes place, the power of a smile. Many of the poor have become unable to take care of themselves, but just a simple smile was an opportunity to bring the presence of God to them. It was during this mission that I understood what St. Mother Theresa meant by seeing the face of Christ in the poorest of the poor.

Filip, Rejoice-ESM Alumni (Czechia)

Rejoice was a beautiful period in my life, but it was not without its challenges. I spent almost a year in an international community where we were united by our faith and desire to evangelize using our talents and charisms. Thanks to Rejoice, God has become a living presence in my life. Altötting is a beautiful city that offers a spiritual program and the opportunity to focus completely on Christ. This can be difficult to achieve in world full of distractions. Rejoice also provides space for personal development and growth without fear of judgement, while encouraging mutual trust with others. With God, nothing is impossible. I encourage every young person to participate in this program. Don't be afraid, you can do it!

Kathy, Rejoice Alumni (Austria)

Thanks to Rejoice I was able to discover the joy of music. And what a treasure it is for my life! During our mission tours we visited many cities across Europe. Not only did I get a glimpse of what life is like as a professional artist, but also how this gift of music can be given to others. Music is more than a project. It is a great missionary tool that opens hearts.

Pierre-Yves, ESM Alumni (France)

I had the goal of developing my musical skills. Whilst at the Emmanuel School of Mission, I had the opportunity to pursue these desires, most notably to serve in several exciting projects on stage and for the liturgy. I adopted this motto: Give everything to the Lord and let yourself be surprised! A byproduct of this year for the Lord is getting to know yourself better. It can often be a challenge, but with the many mission experiences, community life and positive feedback culture, I was able to grow in my leadership capabilities. As a result, in 2019, I founded a Christian choir in Munich. I still enjoy making music with other brothers and sisters at the Emmanuel Youth Forums, these big events fill me with a deep joy!

Tomas, Rejoice-ESM Alumni (Czechia)

I applied to Rejoice - Emmanuel School of Mission to deepen my relationship with God and to share His good news with the world. Surprisingly, I never expected to receive so much from God. I had experienced such joy from Him, and I now carry that joy with me daily, striving to share it with others. Thanks to the formation sessions, Rejoice taught me so much: it taught me a lot about life, and it helped to improve my musical skills. I discovered that when you give everything to God, you receive much more! There is no doubt about it. Go for it!