Music and Creativity

Spread your wings and get started. Discover what you’re made of and use it creatively. Be part of inspiring projects in music, photography, video, theater and much more.


Give nine months to go deeper. Nine months to explore the really important questions of your life. Where do you come from? Where are you going? Rejoice gives you insights into theology, philosophy, life skills and mission.

International community

Live an adventure and go out. You live with young people from all over the world. You grow with every encounter with people, cultures, ways of thinking. You build a network that knows no borders.


Let yourself be touched. Let yourself be moved. You live in an environment that helps you to perceive God’s attention and dynamism in your life. Worship, praise, liturgy – all these offer you the opportunity to walk with Christ on your daily journey.


Take the risk of meeting people and building bridges. Discover others in all their dignity and pass on what you yourself have received. At Rejoice, you are challenged to go where there is need and suffering. Pass on the fire of God’s love.

I am interested in Rejoice

Great – we want to get to know you! Send us an email and we’ll make an appointment to talk and answer your questions. Don’t be afraid, we are looking forward to meeting you!

I would like to support Rejoice

Our work is financed almost exclusively by donations and sponsorships. Many thanks!

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