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We want young adults to discover the preciousness of their lives. Their talents. Their gifts. Their ability to open themselves to what is big and wide. We want these people to be empowered to be more and more ambassadors of God. You can participate in this. With your contribution. With your donation.

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We are always looking for the best way to share the Good News of Jesus. We make music that touches. And use technology that brings out what is most important. We get professional training. We travel long distances and get creative to be close to people. All of this involves costs. We don’t shy away from them, just as we don’t shy away from any effort.

Thank you very much!

Thank you very much!

Rohan Lobo, Director Rejoice Altötting

My great joy as director is to witness the personal journey our students take. I see how God works on them and that it is ultimately His mission. That he is doing what is crucial. God cares about each individual. I am convinced of that. Thank you for your support, for your donation and for your prayers.